Hypoeroticism – (hyposexuality)weakening, lowering of sexual desire. It is observed in asthenia, depression, when taking neuroleptic drugs.

Hypereroticism – (hypersexuality)increased libido. It is noted in patients with organic pathology, with manic syndrome.

Perversions – of the sexual desire. This includes all kinds of sexual deviations from the sexual norm (according to ICD-10: pairing, heterosexuality, puberty, voluntary communication, etc.

Sexual identification disorders.

Transsexualism – the feeling of oneself and the attribution of oneself to the opposite sex, usually accompanied by the desire to change one’s appearance.

Double-role transvestism – limited to wearing clothing of the opposite sex, patients tend to be temporarily recognized as persons of the opposite sex.

Sexual identification disorder in childhood. It is manifested by the refusal to wear women’s clothing, imitation of boyish behavior (refusal to urinate sitting), statements about belonging to the opposite sex. To make a diagnosis, it is necessary to have this disorder for more than six months.

Disorders of sexual preference.

Homosexuality (excluded from ICD-10) – attraction to persons of the same sex. It can be combined with attraction to the opposite sex (bisexuality). Patients do not seek to change their gender.

Fetishism – some inanimate object is the object of sexual attraction (sexual symbolism). Most often, the object of sexual attraction is the details of the toilet.

Fetishistic transvestism – dressing up in clothes of the opposite sex, associated with sexual arousal. After sexual satisfaction, there is a strong desire to take off the clothes of the opposite sex.

Exhibitionism – sexual arousal occurs when showing their genitals to others, random passers-by, often accompanied by masturbation.

Voyeurism – the tendency to peek at people during sexual or intimate activities, which is combined with sexual arousal and masturbation. There is no desire to have sexual relations with the object of observation.

Pedophilia – sexual attraction manifests itself to children of pre-puberty age.

Sadomasochism – sexual arousal occurs as a result of causing (or testing) pain and humiliation. It can manifest itself in its purest form as sadism, as masochism, and as a mixed form of perversion-sadomasochism.

Multiple disorders of sexual preference-characterized by a combination of several sexual deviations (fetishism, transvestism, frotterism).