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Dr. Quintan Washington


Dr. Quintan Washington is a highly qualified specialist practicing in the field of neurology and is famous for his significant achievements in the field of studying the nature of headache in children and adults and combating it. Scientific activity, long-term practice and an impressive amount of theoretical knowledge allow Dr. Quintan Washington to develop new effective methods of treating neurological diseases on an outpatient basis and in a clinic.

One of the leading specialists working at the Cleveland Clinic Canada is Dr. Q. Washington, MD, specializing in neurological problems of children and adults.

Special merits and achievements:

* The highest qualification of Dr. Q. Washington is confirmed by more than 20 different awards, awards, certificates of international level, as well as permanent professional membership in such organizations as the Alpha-Omega-Alpha Medical Honor Society at the University of Toronto, the Canadian Medical Association, the Ontario Medical Association, the National Headache Foundation, the American Headache Research and Control Community, the International Headache Society.

Dr Quintan Washington

* Dr. Quintan Washington graduated with honors from the University of Toronto, first with a Bachelor's degree in human biology, and later with a doctorate degree, having completed a residency in neurology at the University of Toronto Clinic. At the same time, while studying and undergoing an internship in Canada, Dr. Washington was actively engaged in research and scientific activities, thanks to which he eventually became widely known internationally, especially after developing new methods for studying and combating headaches of patients of various age groups.

* Dr. Q. Washington is the author and co-author of numerous (more than 75) scientific and medical publications, manuals, textbooks, as well as a regular reviewer of many European scientific journals, and a scientific critic at conferences of the American Headache Society, as well as the American Academy of Neurology.

* Dr. Quintan Washington, in addition to working with the Cleveland Clinic in Canada, is the head of the Canadian Headache Society, as well as a member of the Executive Committee on Headache and Facial Pain at the American Academy of Neurology. The knowledge and experience of this doctor are widely in demand and highly appreciated.

Features of working with patients

In addition to receiving patients at the clinic, Dr. Q. Washington provides consulting services, examinations and home treatment for patients, is the author and co-author of many treatment programs available to both Canadian and foreign patients with neurological problems.

Many foreign medical tourists may find this doctor's approach to treatment somewhat unusual, but this, in the end, is the key to fast, positive and stable results.

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